Mutuals & Motherhood: A Match Made in Heaven

As a mom, I hear all the traditional questions new mothers get…

What car seat or stroller do you prefer? What foods does your baby refuse to eat?

You know, motherhood questions, centered around choices being made for the little ones our actions impact.

Why are mutuals the perfect investment type for new mothers? Lots of reasons!

But, I think it’s time we expand the motherhood conversation. There’s more to be discussed about becoming a mother than the products we choose. Like the decisions we make that affect our kids spending, earning, saving and investing habits for life.

Kids who see their parents improving their financial literacy and increasing their net worth are more likely to have a healthy relationship with money as they get older.

So, let’s all agree that motherhood is about sooooo much. And we should all do our part to help out and share anything we can with other new parents.

I’ll leave the stroller recommendations for the experts who vet those, what I can contribute to the conversation though is how new mothers can spend more time with their little ones without sacrificing the income of the household – mutuals.

Mutuals are a type of investing fund that is a collective pool of stocks, bonds, money market, and other assets that money collected from many investors support.

And let me tell you, my honest opinion is that mutuals and motherhood are a match made in heaven.

  1. They don’t require a huge upfront investment.
    It’s a common misconception that only the rich can invest and it takes money to make money. Well, that’s simply untrue. Since mutuals involve pooling assets and money, it’s easy to get in affordably.

It doesn’t take much to get started and the sooner you do, the more earnings potential you’ll have. In fact, you can get started with MUCH less than most MLMs or other side hustles that require money.

  1. It doesn’t take decades of patience to see a return, you CAN create a steady stream of income by trading mutual funds!
    Because mutuals are very liquid, and can be quickly traded and redeemed, trading them properly and with intention can provide ongoing income.

While a traditional investing strategy focuses on buying stocks you believe will increase in value over time and holding onto them as the companies grow – along with the value of your piece. Alternatively, trading mutuals generates capital gains and dividends, which means you may get regular payouts of some of the profit. Dividends are typically paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

  1. The money you make isn’t tied to time you have to spend away from your family.
    Yeah, there’s other side hustles out there, but only investing enables your money to work for you, while you focus on the other demands of being a parent!

Whether you drive an Uber, or DoorDash or take a second job – all those ways of making money mean time spent away. With mutuals and investing, you can be earning while you breastfeed.

If you want to learn more about trading mutual funds, how you can get started and my other strategies for dominating the stock market, check out my free, on-demand investing masterclass!


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