How you can learn to be frugal and save money from…OchoCinco?

How you can learn to be frugal and save money from…OchoCinco?

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The days of spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothes, shoes and cars to keep up with the Jones’ or now the Kardashians are ending! I have always been able to to remain fashionable without spending tons of money and we now have celebrities sharing their frugal money habits.

Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson has officially set a new standard on how to look fly as hell without spending tons of money and people like myself who have been down with that lifestyle are now apart of #TheFrugalTeam! OchoCinco is known for being super fly and a trendsetter when it comes to fashionable athletes, but he has openly admitted that he shops at stores such as Walmart and does not spend much on clothes despite being a millionaire. (Who would have known?!)

OchoCinco has taken it as far to create his own movement #TheFrugalTeam. This movement and everything that it stands for can be a huge motivational financial game changer for Ocho’s 3.9 million Twitter followers that can finally see that you do not have to spend tons of money to look and live a celebrity lifestyle. It’s all about your confidence and how you carry yourself on a daily basis that shows your true style.

“Just because you got money, don’t mean you have to go spend it” -Ocho Cinco

Now that everyone is cutting back on their spending on frivolous things perhaps we will start to see those bank accounts and investments grow so we can see some new members on #TheMillionaireTeam. As one of the top financial experts in the U.S. I am sure this frugal movement will be just want many need to stop wasting money on things can’t help bring wealth.

Glasses: Mall Kiosk $13 Shirt: Forever 21 $12.90 Jeans: Marshalls 14.99 Shoes: Target $29.99 Laptop Bag: Knomo $49.95

Glasses: Mall Kiosk $13, Shirt: Forever 21 $12.90, Jeans: Marshalls 14.99 , Shoes: Target $29.99, Laptop Bag: Knomo $49.95

Showcase your fashionable and frugal lifestyle on social media using the hashtag #TheFrugalTeam and be apart of a new movement that will create greater wealth in our community.